Video: CastleStorm Definitive Edition Review

There's no excuse for not catching up with Zen Studio's superb CastleStorm... it's now available on almost every format under the sun.

Video: Hyrule Warriors Review

You definitely don't need to be a Dynasty Warriors fanatic to enjoy this imperfect but immensely entertaining crossover.

Video: FIFA 15 Review

The smart new additions and alterations are more than welcome, but FIFA still doesn't feel like a football game.

Episode 131: Scarty Fuzz

This week: responsive dribbling in FIFA 15, long-term loving in Destiny and spirited walloping in Hyrule Warriors. Also: apologies for the occasionally poor audio.

Video: Destiny – The First Fifty Hours

After fifty-plus hours of combined playtime, Bungie's widely misconceived epic continues to dazzle.


Episode Index

As the title implies, this is an index that will eventually feature all of the games that have appeared on every single episode of Chet & Jon's Reassuringly Finite Gaming Playlist to date.

Video: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review

The Warriors games have never been considered classics, but this could well be the best one yet.