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Episode 122: Overlapping Hell Noise

This week: dance-offs in Destiny, beautiful destruction in Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth, and wailing uncontrollably in Wayward Manor. Also: Nails On A Chalkboard.


Episode 121: New Voice

10 Games In An Hour. This week: multiplayer loneliness in Sniper Elite 3, lemmingy tetrising in Mousecraft, and getting beaten by German in PES 2014 of all things. Also: where's Rich?


Episode 120: Bequiffed

20 Games. Two Top Ten Lists. This week: ball-shattering in Sniper Elite 3, point-capturing in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, and 4th Of Julying in Broforce. Also: cultivated hairstyles.

Episode 119: We’re Crazy Here

Less than 20 games in considerably longer than 40 minutes. This week: boring excitement in Watch Dogs, sleazy thrills in Blue Estate and the dull brilliance of both Destiny and Battlefield Hardline. Also: special appearance by former Joypod reprobate David Turner.


Episode 118: A Fine Piece Of Game

20 Games In Ages. E3 SPECIAL. This week: elephanticide in Far Cry 4, free flow brooding in Batman Arkham Knight, and crowd surfing in Assassin's Creed Unity. Featuring special guest Samuel Roberts, editor of PC Gamer.


Episode 117: Jangly Bongos

20 Games In Some Time. This week: Michael Manning in Battlefield Hardline, Master Chiefing in Destiny, and Ultra Comboing in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Also: Bongly Jangos.


Episode 116: Mindless Is My Speciality

20 Games In Ages. This week: Luigical death stares in Mario Kart 8, Swedish left hooks in EA Sports UFC, and Fedora-wearing nonsense in Murdered Soul Suspect. Also: The Absence Of Thought.