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Episode 130: Hamster Rescue

This week: more space shenanigans in Destiny, hack slashery in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, and football chin-scratching in FIFA 15 and PES 2015. Also: Lost And Found Rodents.


Episode 129: Nose Like A Hotdog

This week: Murder Mysterising in Velvet Sundown, Triangle Hopping in Delta, and Guardian Dancing in Destiny. Also: Beak Like A Bratwurst.

Episode 128: Instant Black Card

20 games in 40 minutes in our dreams. This week: new classics in the shape of Titanfall and Dead Rising 3, newer classics in the form of Velocity 2X and Mega Coin Squad and flaming claptrap in the guise of Swing Copters and Jurassic Park. Also: special appearance by Joypod murderer David Turner.


Episode 127: Area 54

This week: lobbed through-balls in FIFA 15, cracked gas masks in Metro Redux, and abject buffoonery in Swing Copters. Also: Studio 51.


Episode 126: Grown Up Men Dressed As Cats

This week: worm-holing in Hohokum, cold-warring in Counter Spy, and German suplexing in WWE Super Card. Also: Upsetting Feline Adults.


Episode 125: GamesCom Special

This week: boost-sliding in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, elephant riding in Far Cry 4, and wheel spinning in Forza Horizon 2. Also: Loads More GamesCom. Subscribe HERE and Direct …


Episode 124: I Was Drunk

This week: smart clones in The Swapper, brutal felines in Scram Kitty And His Buddy On Rails, and freedom fighting in Expendabros. Also: Alcohol Was Imbibed.