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Episode 135: Big Shout Out

This week: Lo Wangs in Shadow Warrior, Hong Kongs in Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, and Boxy Fallouts in The Evil Within. Also: Mad Props.


Episode 134: Roy Hodgson Tells It Like It Is

This week: panicked headsplitting in The Evil Within, antipodean looting in Borderlands The Pre Sequel! and ankle breaking in NBA 2K15. Also: The Hodge Keeps It Real.


Episode 133: I Got My Arm Stuck In The Sky

This week: Limit-pushing in Driveclub, egg-grabbing in Pix The Cat, and ghost-housing in Alien Isolation. Also: aerial awkwardness.


Episode 132: Jelly Baby People

This week: cutting down chumps in Shadow Of Mordor, blitzing through the countryside in Forza Horizon 2, and cowering in the corner in Alien Isolation. Also: Rowntrees Men.

Episode 131: Scarty Fuzz

This week: responsive dribbling in FIFA 15, long-term loving in Destiny and spirited walloping in Hyrule Warriors. Also: apologies for the occasionally poor audio.


Episode 130: Hamster Rescue

This week: more space shenanigans in Destiny, hack slashery in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, and football chin-scratching in FIFA 15 and PES 2015. Also: Lost And Found Rodents.


Episode 129: Nose Like A Hotdog

This week: Murder Mysterising in Velvet Sundown, Triangle Hopping in Delta, and Guardian Dancing in Destiny. Also: Beak Like A Bratwurst.