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Xmas Special #1: The Underrated Games Of 2014

The first of 2014′s two Xmas specials, a rundown of the most underrated games of the year. NOTE: Apologies for the occasionally poor audio in the opening fifteen minutes.


Episode 141: Don’t Mess With The Triads

This week: road trippin' in The Crew, Mario punching in Super Smash Bros., and Dinklage chatting in Game Of Thrones. Also: Leave The Triads Alone.


Episode 140: Dopey, Demented Sh*t

This week: backdropping in WWE 2K15, horde-dodging in Escape From Dead Island, and scene-stealing in GTA V. Also: brainless turd.

Episode 139: Louis Theroux’s Bioshock

This week: braving the Arctic in Never Alone, scaling overhangs in Far Cry 4 and enduring the treachery of Assassin's Creeds Rogue and Unity. Also: a weird weekend in Rapture.

assassins_creed_unity-1600x900 (1)

Episode 138: Sam Worthington On A Horse

This week: Creaky rooftops in Assassins Creed Unity, crashing volleys in PES 2015, and cheeky grunts in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Featuring Special Guest Samuel Roberts, PC Gamer Editor.


Episode 137: Bring The Ham

This week: Spaceying out in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, spreadsheet tinkering in Football Manager 2015, and Colin Hunting in Sunset Overdrive. Also: Processed Pork.

Episode 136: Lapsed Pros

This week: grey trudgery in Evolve, basic shreddery in MX vs ATV Supercross and beautiful insanity in Bayonetta 2. Also: the expired hardcore.