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Video: Destiny Beta Impressions

The qualms continue to be relatively minor... bring on September 9th.

Video: Sniper Elite III Multi Review

A split decision on the multiplayer side of Sniper Elite III, but two things are certain: it's almost worthless alone and the matchmaking system is comically inept.

Video: MouseCraft Review

Crunching Koalas' decent debut puzzler is let down by an emphasis on arduous collectibles, and the fact that its natural home is clearly on a mobile phone.

Video: Titanfall Update #4 Review

Titanfall's latest patch/update temporarily brings a new gameplay mode to the party, along with a few other very shrewd alterations and additions.

Video: Sniper Elite III Review

Taut and refined gunplay doesn't quite manage to rescue this monumentally buggy - though intermittently thrilling - mess.

Video: EA Sports UFC Review #2

After Jon's in-depth report last week (find that here: here's a shorter look that reaches a similar conclusion: entertaining but also hugely disappointing.

Video: Blue Estate Review

It needs to be constantly re-calibrated and is about as funny as coronary thrombosis, but Blue Estate is a taut and highly entertaining shooter nonetheless.