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Video: Super Smash Bros. Review

The Wii U version of Nintendo's evergreen cartoon brawler shows the company operating at the top of their game.

Video: The Crew Review

The Crew offers a deeply impressive sandbox world... it's just a shame that there's nothing interesting to do in it.

Video: Dragon Age Inquisition – The First Ten Hours

Based on the first ten hours of Inquisition, Bioware appear to be on form in a very big way.

Video: Ascension – Climb the Tower Review

Ascension is the very best kind of rip-off; slavish and slick, and with a few neat ideas of its own.

Video: Halo MCC Review

The Master Chief Collection could be one of 2014's inarguable must-buys... if 343 Industries manages to fix it.

Video: Tiny Troopers Joint Ops Review

Tiny Troopers may have been great on iOS, but on PS4 it's atrocious.

Video: WWE 2K15 Review

Another shoddy WWE game, but at least one with signs of promise.