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Video: How does Bioshock Infinite’s first DLC stand up twelve months on?

A video review of last year's Bioshock Infinite DLC Clash in the Clouds.

Episode 107: Chemical Spill

20 Games in 70-odd minutes. This week: setting traps in Deception IV: Blood Ties, hardcore stealth in Burial at Sea: Episode Two and proper racing in Mario Kart 8. Also: brief Skype sketchiness and a windmilling Macauley Culkin.

Video: BI: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Review

The concluding installment of Bioshock Infinite's downloadable content is a taxing, captivating send off.


Episode 88: Drunk In A Toilet

20 Games. An Amount Of Time. This week: how BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea signals the end of the current gen, why Wii Sports Club realises the dream of 2006, and saying goodbye to some stone cold classics. Also: Borracho En Un Inodoro.

Video: BI: Burial at Sea Part 1 Review

How does Bioshock Infinite's first piece of single-player DLC measure up?


Episode 69: Wiebe This B*stard

20 games in 40 minutes. This week: delving into Luigiā€™s psychosis in New Super Luigi U, kicking XBLIG ass in One Finger Death Punch, and pointlessly comparing BioShock Infinite to The Last Of Us. Also: Killscreens Up In Here.


Episode 61: You Didn’t Need That Giant Face

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: Chet rips into Dead Island Riptide, Jon panics about Cry Of Fear, and further proof that the 3DS is firing on all cylinders. Also: Giant Face.