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Video: Sniper Elite III Multi Review

A split decision on the multiplayer side of Sniper Elite III, but two things are certain: it's almost worthless alone and the matchmaking system is comically inept.

Video: MouseCraft Review

Crunching Koalas' decent debut puzzler is let down by an emphasis on arduous collectibles, and the fact that its natural home is clearly on a mobile phone.


Episode 121: New Voice

10 Games In An Hour. This week: multiplayer loneliness in Sniper Elite 3, lemmingy tetrising in Mousecraft, and getting beaten by German in PES 2014 of all things. Also: where's Rich?


Episode 120: Bequiffed

20 Games. Two Top Ten Lists. This week: ball-shattering in Sniper Elite 3, point-capturing in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, and 4th Of Julying in Broforce. Also: cultivated hairstyles.

Video: EA Sports UFC Review #2

After Jon's in-depth report last week (find that here: http://youtu.be/MyDZVflPRNk) here's a shorter look that reaches a similar conclusion: entertaining but also hugely disappointing.

Video: Destiny Alpha Impressions

Impressions of the public Alpha build of Bungie's summer bound sci-fi opus Destiny.

Video: EA UFC Review

A lengthy and in-depth review of EA Sports' first (official) stab at a blockbuster UFC brawler.