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Episode 109: Welcome To The Future

20 Games In Some Time. This week: delight and annoyance in Trials Fusion, pleasant adventure in Lego The Hobbit, and front-room idiocy in Kinect Sports Rivals. Also: terrible, terrible menu music.

Video: Luftrausers Review

This small but perfectly formed airplane shooter is yet another big winner from accomplished Dutch indie studio Vlambeer.

Episode 107: Chemical Spill

20 Games in 70-odd minutes. This week: setting traps in Deception IV: Blood Ties, hardcore stealth in Burial at Sea: Episode Two and proper racing in Mario Kart 8. Also: brief Skype sketchiness and a windmilling Macauley Culkin.


Episode 106: Genuine Duo Of Chaps

20 Games In Ages. This week: how Infamous Second Son pushes the PS4, why Alien Isolation has the scariest AI in the business, and what Oculus Rift brings to Eve Valkyrie. Also: special guest star Samuel Roberts, editor of PC Gamer.


Episode 105: Slagshot

10 Games In An Hour. This week: more glory in Titanfall, cognitive dissonance in Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, and aerial ballet in Luftrausers. Also: Special Shorter Episode.

Video: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Hardcore aficionados will get their money's worth, but for all of the excitement and anticipation it creates, Ground Zeroes simply can't shrug off its problematic status as a demo.

Video: Titanfall Review

Technical kinks aside, Respawn's Titanfall comfortably lives up to the hype on Xbox One.