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Video: NHL 15 Demo Impressions

With its superb production values and self-assured slickness, NHL 15 looks all set to be a reliable (if not ground-breaking) success.

Video: FIFA 15 Vs PES 2015: Hands On Impressions

Hands on impressions of the GamesCom builds of FIFA 15 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2015... how do they compare?

Video: Forza Horizon 2 Preview

Microsoft's September exclusive is almost here, and is looking (and feeling) stunningly good.

Video: CoD: Advanced Warfare Preview

Hands-on impressions of the multiplayer side of the latest CoD; Xbox One version.

Video: Destiny Beta Impressions

The qualms continue to be relatively minor... bring on September 9th.

Video: Far Cry 4 Hands-On Preview

Hands-on impressions of Ubisoft's upcoming open-world bonanza Far Cry 4, courtesy of special guest and PC Gamer editor Samuel Roberts.

Video: The Crew Hands-On Preview

Hands-on impressions of Ubisoft's RPG-themed racer from special guest and editor of PC Gamer magazine Samuel Roberts.