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Video: EA Sports FIFA World Cup Brazil Demo Impressions

It's too early to tell if EA's latest competition tie-in is going to break the mould, but it's looking fine... if a tad too similar to FIFA 14.

Video: Titanfall Hands-On Preview

Jon discusses his hands-on session with Respawn Entertainment's upcoming blockbuster shooter Titanfall, played at the 2013 Eurogamer Expo in London.

Video: FIFA 14 Vs PES 2014: Demo Impressions

FIFA 14. PES 2014. Which is better? There's only one way to find out... wait for the full versions to come out and play them at length. In the meantime, here are a few demo impressions.

Oculus Preview Pic

Video: Oculus Rift Hands-On Impressions

Special guest and Joypod host David Turner talks us through his hands-on time with Oculus VR's revolutionary head-mounted virtual reality display, commonly known as the Oculus Rift.


Video: Thief Hands-On Preview

Samuel Roberts (GamesTM) spends an hour with Square Enix's upcoming Thief reboot, and comes away feeling quietly impressed.


Video: Crysis 3 MP Beta – Impressions & Gameplay

Chet sneaks a peak at the open multiplayer beta of EA and Crytek's Crysis 3.


Video: Kung Fu Fight! Review

Can Nostatic Software possibly top Chet's favourite XBLIG release of all time, "Quiet Please"? Find out here.