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Minecraft screen shot

Episode 72: The Flaming Sh*thead

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: digging miserable holes in Minecraft, choplifting in Thunderwolves, and buying games we'll never play in the Steam Sale. Also: Incendiary D-Bags.


Episode 34: Cole Trickle

20 Games in 40 Minutes. This week: why you need to check out Hotline Miami, how Medal Of Honor Warfighter is after your COD bucks, and what makes Xcom an absolute must. Also: Cole Trickle.


Clip: Resident Evil 6

Is Resident Evil 6 really that bad? We argue that it isn't...


Episode 33: You’re Dead To Me, Jeremy Clarkson

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: why Chet's a useless Xcom soldier, what makes Dishonored a masterpiece, and why Forza Horizon is a joy. Also: Clarkson.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Episode 32: Worthless (As I’m Succeeding)

20 Games In 40 Minutes. This week: how Need for Speed: Most Wanted is going to blow your mind, why Resident Evil 6 might be this year's most underrated videogame and why Pro Evo 2013 continues to dazzle. Also: bad American rock music


Clip: Resident Evil 6

Chet goes hands on with Resident Evil 6.