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Video: Nandeyanen!? – The 1st Sutra Review

Tchagata Games' ambitious, well-made XBLIG shmup is no classic, but definitely worth owning.

Video: Delta Review

Hermit Games' latest Δ (a.k.a Delta) is cheap, ferociously difficult and absolutely stunning.

Video: Recall Review

Another slapdash FPS on XBLIG, and another appalling dud.

Video: The Party Review

Brief and proud to be pointless, XBLIG non-entity The Party definitely isn't worth your cash... but could have been so much worse.

Video: Amazing Princess Sarah Review

Even with its ludicrously difficult final act, Haruneko's Amazing Princess Sarah is still an absolute must-buy on XBLIG.

Video: MTASPSJ Review

Magic Thighs and Slightly Phil Save Japan is a competent XBLIG reskin/remake of the classic Tecmo coin-op Bomb Jack.

Video: Shütshimi Review

It categorically isn't a world class shooter, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't investigate this utterly peculiar XBLIG curio.