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ThisIsNotAPodcast vol. 1

A few people have asked us to take the audio from our recent YouTube uploads and turn it into a podcast, so that's exactly what we've done.


Video: Crysis 3 MP Beta – Impressions & Gameplay

Chet sneaks a peak at the open multiplayer beta of EA and Crytek's Crysis 3.


Video: Is Ninja Gaiden 3 Better On Wii U?

Chet takes a brief look at the exclusive new Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden 3. How does it measure up?


Video: Batman Arkham City Better On Wii U?

Chet takes a look at Batman Arkham City on Wii U and sizes it up to the other versions.


Clip: The Witcher 2

Jon's getting stuck into the vast world of The Witcher 2. Hear his first impressions in this clip from Episode 8.


Clip: Star Wars Kinect

Star Wars Kinect is a hell of a lot better than you might think. Check out this video clip from Episode 8 after the jump to see why.