Honest Reviews on New Video Games

Today, it is very difficult to get honest reviews of the top games out there. Many new video game reviews out there only target driving sales as opposed to giving an honest analysis of the specific video game. Therefore, honest reviews are considered invaluable resources by players. Here are the benefits to anticipate:

  • Honest new game reviews help people to easily pick the games they want to play.
  • The reviews help players to understand the features of new games and start playing like pros.
  • When you read through new game reviews, they allow you to only spend money on what is enjoyable. The chances of buying a game only to ditch it a few moments down are very low.
  • Top new game review sites such as the Finite Play List – Gamer Podcast can help you to learn about the latest mobile and PC games to play.

Is Mobile the Future?

To play most games, especially in the classic era, people needed to buy consoles that worked with their computers and television sets. This model came with several limitations. One, the consoles were separate and could not operate on their own. Two, people could only play games at home or in an office. Three, the consoles were expensive. This is why an alternative was nigh. The mobile, specifically smartphone, has helped to fill the gap. Here are more reasons why mobile is the future.

  • Today, mobiles are literally game consoles. This means that when a person carries a smartphone, it is not just a device for calling and texting. Rather, it is a complete gaming station.
  • Unlike the classic consoles, mobile phones allow users to access new game reviews and multiple games because they can easily connect to the internet. Whether you want to play free games or against opponents, a mobile phone with the internet is all you need.
  • The greatest thing that makes mobile the future is flexibility. It does not matter whether you are on holiday or at the back of Uber heading to your destination; a mobile phone makes it possible to game and enjoy every moment.
  • The fast rate of mobile technology development is bringing better mobile phones with more processing capacity to play even the most demanding game. Whether you want to play new or retro video games, having a great mobile phone is all that you need.

There is no doubt that the future is mobile.

Most Popular Games You Can Play for Free

If you are a video games fanatic, perhaps you are on looking for the next thriller. Well, you only need to read honest new game views to know about the latest in the world of video games. To assist you with the search, here are some of the top video games.

  • Action games: These are some of the most popular mobile and pc games today. They mainly focus on testing the players’ reflexes, reaction time, and personal eye-hand coordination.
  • Adventure games: These games have their origins in the 70s. The games mainly combine adventure and some action. Players assume the role of characters they control as they find treasure or navigate through foreign lands.
  • Casino games: These are games offered in online casinos. One impressive thing about legal online casino games is that they are very diverse. You can opt to play slots or table games. You will also like the fact that you can play these games free using casino bonus. That is it. You play free and win real money in an online casino! Here is how to go about it.

First, you identify a good legal casino and open an account. Then, check for the no deposit casino bonus and start playing your preferred game for free. Remember to also check the rules for using such as casino bonuses. This is a great way to play the best casino games and win real money without risking your own cash.

Best Retro: Top Classic Video Games

When it comes to video games, there is something special about the retro ones. They were carefully designed, intuitive, and enjoyable. They are simply irresistible. This is why most of them are being redone so that they are available online and in mobile versions. Here are some of the top classic video games:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Donkey Kong.
  • Space Invaders.
  • Mortal Kombat.
  • Metroid.

If you want to enjoy playing video games, the first step is looking for reliable new game reviews. The Finite Playlist – Gamer Podcast can help you to easily know about the latest games for an extra thrill. Do not just pick any game out there, go for the best!

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