Chet and Jon’s Reassuringly Finite Gaming Playlist was borne out of two things – a shared distaste of gaming podcasts that witter on about nothing for hours and a mutual admiration of the Kermode top 10. Oh, and a desire to get back to great games journalism.

The concept’s simple. Each week, we compile a top 10 list of the games we’ve played the most. A lot of the time this’ll be work stuff, as Chet and Jon are both active and veteran games journos that you’ll have read if you’ve ever cast your eyes over the pages of gamesTM, The Telegraph, OXM and a host of other places, so you’ll get analysis and discussion of the newest releases. Most weeks, though, we’ll also revisit some old classics (and not-so-classics) and get stuck into them too. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 69p iPhone game or a Triple A behemoth – this is an equal opportunities podcast.

It’s all about quick banter, loads of games and absolutely no chuntering on about our plans for the weekend of what colour socks we’re wearing. Just loads of bloody games straight into your ears and out of your own face.