Best FPS Games of All Time

Here is our list of the best FPS games or franchises in history. This is a dangerous exercise because it forces us to recognize that we will not be able to agree with everyone while implying that it is possible to find 50 pearls that are objectively known by all as being unavoidable. This list comes from our file last year entitled “Our favorite FPS.” We have taken your comments into account, we have gone back into the history of FPS and tried to extract a new and fair ranking. We decided to group the titles of a single franchise so that we could extend our ranking to various FPS’s and give an overview of all the key games in a series. We have also kept the alphabetical order because if we think it is possible to extract titles objectively unavoidable, giving them a hierarchy of importance is too subjective to be relevant.

  1. Alien vs. Predator

It all started with Alien Vs. Predator for Jaguar. Published in 1994, the title was so successful that it was one of the platform’s flagship games. Rebellion, the studio behind the project, returned to success with the release of Alien versus Predator on Windows and Mac OS in 1999. So what was not the surprise of the audience when the same studio released a new Alien vs. Predator in 2010 that was particularly bad. If Alien Isolation belongs to the great tradition of FPS inspired by the alien license, it follows a very different path than its predecessors. With this episode, The Creative Assembly has decided to confront us with an all-powerful Alien, who we will have to learn to avoid at all costs, or else we will pass the weapon to the left. A little gem of the atmosphere with demanding gameplay, Alien Isolation also has the luxury of being extremely beautiful and remains without a doubt one of the greatest alien games ever released.

  1. Battlefield

Battlefield 1942 is the first installment of the series is the least one can say is that it hit hard. Taking place during World War II, its multiplayer mode was impressive, and it was the first of its kind to be seriously optimized for multi-core processors. We will have to wait for Battlefield 2 for the series to transform the genre again with well-designed cards, balanced gameplay, and very engaging multiplayer games. Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2 also became cult titles before Battlefield 3 took over.

Soberly named Battlefield 1 (while it is not the first game of the series), the penultimate episode of the Battlefield franchise propels us into the throes of the first World War. Taking over the main theatres of this confrontation (France, the Sinai desert, Italy, etc.), he placed great emphasis on historical reality to plunge his players into battles as tactical as they were gasping for air. Heavy or light troops, infantry or cavalry, aviation, everything is there to offer the player complete game experience, quite realistic and above all, perfectly mastered. An experiment that will also show, in a rather practical way during the solo campaign, the horrors of this war.

  1. Bioshock

Bioshock stands out for a very successful fantastic story. It offers the player a choice between several philosophical schools that are supposed to influence the script. It also has impressive graphics and superb artwork. Bioshock 2 is a good title, but we decided to skip it and just talk about Infinite Bioshock, which has left its mark on the minds with a very captivating story.

  1. Titanfall

Created by Respawn Entertainment, a studio created by many of the former developers of Infinity Ward, Titanfall is a title that has managed to make its way among the big names of the FPS. Nervous, he proposes thrilling multiplayer confrontations that change the classics of the genre thanks to the presence of the titans. They are massive exoskeletons, armed with devastating weaponry, capable of reversing the course of a battle in no time. If, since its release, the title is somewhat left fallow by its developers, Titanfall will at least have had the merit of proposing some well-felt novelties in a genre that remains relatively fixed.

  1. Borderlands

Borderland is a good game, but we decided to focus on Borderland 2, which is a cult title. It repeats what made the first one successful, which is exciting gameplay and beautiful graphics, but it adds a much more exciting story.