Top 10 Games for 2019

Fights, duels, strategy, Ingenuity… Whatever universes you want to explore, 2019 has some exciting experiences for you in terms of virtual reality games. Promise: adrenaline guaranteed during highly immersive parts. Without further ado, here are our top 10 most anticipated RV games for 2019.

  1. Population: One, the tasty Battle royal

Announced on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality for the beginning of this year, Population: One is a virtual reality game developed by Studio BigBox VR. Inspired by famous successful games such as Fortnite and PUBG, this VR game installs in a kind of royal fighting adventure. In solo or Team mode, it allows the player to climb all types of buildings, project jetpacks, fly to escape danger, and build forts-innovative features that perfectly match the game’s slogan: “climb. Steal. Build.

  1. Stormland: the ambitious exclusivity of Oculus

It’s not without reason that video game enthusiasts are looking forward to it. Developed exclusively by studio InsomniacGames for Oculus Rift, you embark on an adventure full of suspense. Announced for the spring of 2019, Stormland is proving to be both the most ambitious and promising game in Facebook’s VR headphones, the social media giant that remains true to its key-value: friendship. It is precisely around the association that this game weaves its script.

Indeed, in this title, the player incarnates an android whose body was scattered from the aftermath of a storm. To regain his abilities, but also to save his friends, the latter will have to travel in a post-apocalyptic world in perpetual change.

  1. Blood & Truth: following in the footsteps of ” the London Heist »

“What users want; developers accept.” At least that is what we need to remember the genesis of this title. Indeed, while studio Sony London had provided a demo disc of PlayStation VR Worlds, the players discovered the demo of “the London Heist,” an experience they loved but considered much too short. In response to numerous user requests, Sony decided to create a new title inspired by the London Heist. This is Blood & Truth. In this exciting shooting game, the player plays the role of an elite soldier who must at all costs save his family from the threat of a criminal. Initially scheduled for 2018, the release of this game has been postponed to 2019.

  1. Lone Echo 2: The saga continues

In 2017, the studio Ready at Dawn had shown its talent with the excellent Lone Echo, a masterpiece that left its mark with its new script, original gameplay, and exceptional graphics. Through this game, the player played the character of a robot aboard a spaceship on which a mysterious threat was hovering. Fans of video games can already rub their hands, as the sequel to the first opus of this famous game will be released this year. Jack and Liv promise you an even more exciting experience!

  1. Defector: between espionage and impossible missions

Developed by Twisted Pixel exclusively for Oculus Rift, Defector embarks on an adventure where danger and survival are intertwined continuously. Here, the player plays the character of a spy who has to carry out Impossible missions, a bit like Tom Cruise. Hunted by his enemies who are ready to do anything to kill him, our hero must ride waves of danger and be a strategist to hope to embrace success.

  1. A Fisherman’s Tale: the fabulous puzzle game

If you like thinking games, puzzle games where brain matter is involved, a Fisherman’s Tale will surely make your happiness. Born in Vertigo Games, a Fisherman’s Tale is an exciting puzzle and adventure game. As the trailer warns, this title is likely to drive the players crazy. The release of this game on Rift, Bright, PSVR, and Windows VR is scheduled for January 22, 2019.

  1. After work holiday Simulator

After Job Simulator, his excellent work simulator, which proved to be one of the greatest successes of the VR Gaming, OwlchemyLabs is back with a new title just as fantastic. This is a Vacation Simulator. Once again, this game is set up in a somewhat distant temporal landmark, a future where old human traditions are explored through diskettes. After the joys of work, it’s time for holiday hell, where you have to deal with the Times of relaxation and sunburn. The release of the Vacation Simulator on Rift, Vive, and PSVR is scheduled for early 2019.

  1. Failspace: adventure all in humor

Failspace is a fascinating space simulator that envelops its players in a world of laughter. In this title, the player embodies the image of a space delivery man, at the same time bounty hunter at his lost hours. The latter has to carry out various missions that are increasingly difficult as the game evolves while maintaining its spacecraft. Failspace is an amusing and humorous game. Its release on Rift, Vive, and Windows VR are announced for the second quarter of 2019.

  1. Zed: between memories and gifts

Developed by EagreGames, a new studio founded by Chuck Carter, the artist to whom we owe the famous Myst game of 1993, Zed: between souvenirs and gifts is an exciting game that takes you back in time. Here, the player embodies the image of an aging artist, in the grip of regret and madness. The latter must immerse himself in his most profound memories to compose a final gift for his granddaughter. The official release of the game on Rift and Vive is announced for the beginning of 2019.

  1. Chrono’s: Top this is a party!

Developed exclusively by studio Gunfire Games for Oculus Rift, this game is a bit like Dark Soul, but with its specificities. Chronos installs you in a tasty adventure of repeated fights interspersed by Riddle resolutions. Between explorations of a splendid and interconnected world under a background of timed battles, it is a die and retries in which each death in the game ages the player by a year, who has more skill to handle powerful weapons when he is young. The experience of this game in VR is exceptional! Every minute is lived fully and feels intensely for the player. Even if the impatience is burning on the side of the fans of video games in VR, they will have to wait a few weeks while Chronos is on the market of the VR gaming.